The Scorched Summer

Academy Obscura #4

The supernatural world is in chaos, and the war has barely begun.

The old Council has fallen, but that is only the beginning. Now, it’s up to me and my mates to finish what we started. We have to take out the Tromara and free us all from their tyranny, at any cost.

Failure is not an option. The entire supernatural community is relying on us to lead them to freedom. But this question plagues me most: Am I the right person to lead them? To be their queen?

I better be. I’ve been placed in the seat of Council Queen, ruler of the five territories. To stay in charge, I have to prove my worth at every turn. We need allies. We need to destroy the Codex. And, I need my full dragon form.

How can we achieve all of this before our enemies break through Academy Obscura’s defenses?

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