The Fiery Shifter

Academy Obscura #2

Shifters like me aren’t supposed to exist…but I do.

I am finally enrolled in the correct classes and my life would be taking a turn for the better, except for my new nemesis, Montrell Freeman. The powerful shifter professor, and fellow royal, may be sexy as hell, but he’s set on getting me culled.

Why does he hate me with such vehemence?

Not all is well with the guys either. Liam’s father is a bully, whose ambitious agenda involves me. Angel is struggling with his wolf and a gut-wrenching distance is growing between us. The Supernatural Council is demanding Jaxon take his rightful place among them—even as they ostracize him.

If I don’t learn to navigate this political landscape, and figure out why Montrell is set on my destruction, we’re all doomed.

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