Her Wicked Mates Omnibus – The Complete Series


The complete Her Wicked Mates four book paranormal/fantasy romance series in a single paperback.

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A kickass witch.
Three cursed men.
A secret that could destroy them a

I’m a normal witch. Or at least I thought I was, until I’m captured by three mysterious men.

The vampire, Zane, lusts for my blood, and decides to make me his pet.

Lucas, the feral wolf shifter, wants to claim me for himself.

The haunted Fae, Cade, has the gentlest of touches, but says the cruelest things.

They think they can keep me here forever, and treat me like a toy. They’re wrong.

They’ll soon find out I’m more than they bargained for.

Not only will I keep my head on straight, and my heart protected from these three wicked men. I aim to come out on top.

I’ll do anything to escape—even play their twisted games.


Her Wicked Mates series is an action-packed, steamy, dark paranormal romance. You’ll find a strong heroine, fated mates, and enemies-to-lovers with three anti-hero men. That’s right, these guys are not the good guys, and they play by their own rules.

Note: Previously published as the Mafia Beasts series. Her Wicked Mates is a dark paranormal/fantasy romance with a strong heroine, anti-heroes, and a HEA at the end. This series is complete!

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