I have a ton of ideas for future series set my Obscura World. They are all reverse harem except for a few side stories. Some of them never make it out of my ideas notebook, others are listed on my Trello board, and the ones on this page have come to the forefront.

I’m not sure when these will be written and published, but they’re on my schedule for 2022 – 2024.

So here’s a peek at my upcoming series.

Obscura World

The Obscura World is all Reverse Harem Paranormal and Fantasy Romance. Academy Obscura was the first series in this world, followed by Lords of Penumbra Syndicate. This world features shifters, witches, fae, and vampires.

I thought the story of Academy Obscura was over, but I was wrong. This trilogy is going to pick up right where the main Academy Obscura series ends. There will be some cross over characters, but mostly a new cast. If you love academy reverse harem, enemies-to-lovers, and forbidden romance, you’ll enjoy Academy Obscura Reborn.

Dragon Rejected

Academy Obscura Reborn #1

Storm Dragon

Academy Obscura Reborn #2

Dragon Unbound

Academy Obscura Reborn #3

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