Captive Beauty

Harem of Redemption #1

To save my brother, I sacrifice myself to three monsters.

I’ve spent the past decade on the run with my younger brother after our mother was murdered. He’s finally turned eighteen and under protection of the supernatural academy.

But when a dare goes wrong, I’m afraid I’ve lost him forever. My only choice is to give my life in exchange for his. Now I’m theirs. I belong to three beastly men.

Cade is a terrifying, scar-faced fae.

The wolf, Lucas, guards me like I’m his fated mate. 

Zane, the seductive vampire, wants more than my blood.

They want to break me. These cursed men want to own my body, heart, and soul. 

I need to escape before I lose myself to their dark temptations. Though outside these walls the hunters await.

Authors Note: This is a steamy, whychoose/reverse harem, crime syndicate, dark paranormal romance. You’ll find some Beauty and the Beast themes, fated mates, enemies-to-lovers, and a bit of a gothic vibe. It contains potentially triggering situations and is recommended for mature readers.

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