Welcome! I’m Cassia Briar, writer of romance with reverse harems, menages, and couples who find their happily ever after. My first series, Academy Obscura, features a flawed heroine, a twisted college, and sexy teachers. Jump into a world of shifters, werewolves, witches, fae, and more.



A flawed heroine. A twisted magical college. Three sexy teachers.

I didn’t know magic existed…until I found my birth family after a life in foster care. They tell me there are rules, but I don’t believe them. Naturally, I break one of those precious rules on the night of a full moon, and am forced to enroll at Academy Obscura. But I don’t fit in. After all, I’m not a witch, vampire, fae, werewolf, or shifter. Am I?

Worse, the penalty for messing up at the Academy? Death. My only chance of survival lies in the hands of three frustratingly hot teachers. Jaxon, a powerful but untrustworthy witch. Liam, a fae who avoids my flirtations. And Angel, the alpha werewolf who enthusiastically tears apart my enemies, but openly broods when I’m around.

I am drawn to all of them. But, how can one woman have three men?

Author’s Note: This is a steamy, medium burn, reverse harem paranormal romance featuring shifters, witches, and fae. It includes adult language, violence, and possibly triggering situations. Recommended for mature readers.


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